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Zaltrans’ journey began in 1995, with a vision to fill a gap in the transportation sector. Our founders, combining years of experience and passion in the industry, established Zaltrans with the goal of providing a more personal, flexible, and innovative transportation experience to customers. Since that day, our company has been steadily progressing as a reliable name in global transportation. Our establishment was not just the start of a company, but also the beginning of a new era in the transportation sector.

First International Transportation

The year 2005 was not just another year for Zaltrans; it also marked a significant achievement in the international arena. This year, our company successfully completed its first international transportation task, marking a major step in becoming a global player.

This milestone was not just a technical achievement; it also represented our vision, determination, and innovative approach in the industry. By stepping into international transportation, we expanded our service quality and scope, offering our customers services across a broader geography.

Renewed Fleet

The year 2023 marked another turning point for Zaltrans: we entered a new era with our completely renewed and modernized fleet. This renewal reflects our company’s ongoing commitment to development and innovation, further elevating the quality of our transportation services.

Our updated fleet, equipped with the latest technologies, offers more environmentally friendly, efficient, and safe transportation options, benefiting both our customers and the environment. Additionally, our increased capacity and advanced logistics capabilities allow us to offer a broader range of services to our customers.

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